Strawberries, Cathy Ross

Crisp Dawn, , Chantal Khoury

Blackberries, Cathy Ross

Strange Content, Chantal Khoury

Two Mackerel, Leslie Bowman

Ships that Pass in the Night, Deanna Musgrave

From the Forest - Casserole, Helen Stanley

From the Forest - Vase, Helen Stanley

Wisdom of the Petroglyphs, Gina Brooks

The Journey Home, Gina Brooks

Dorchester St., Ed Coleman

Harbour Sailboats, Ed Coleman

Summer's Bounty, Helga Lobb

Safe Harbour, NFLD, Helga Lobb

Nude in Nature: Bay of Fundy #32, Jorgen Klausen

Nude in Nature: Bay of Fundy #33, Jorgen Klausen

One For Sorrow, Ann Manuel

Caribou with Red Spirits, Alan Syliboy

Winter Caribou #2, Alan Syliboy

Silver Skin-98.3 gm, Brigitte Clavette

Possible Shorelines, Lorna Mulligan

Shoreline Discussions, Lorna Mulligan

Hang This Art Outside, Bonny Hill

blue world, swim, swim, swim, Mary Collier Fleet

Still life with tulips & citrus, Michael Khoury

Still life with sunflowers, Michael Khoury

Smiling Fish, Monique Bujold-Brown

Frolicking, Nafsika Krasanaki

Salmon Hatchery, Susan Lapides

Morning Commute, Susan Lapides

False Coordinates #1, Suzanne Hill

Evening Walk, Susan Lapides

False Coordinates #2, Suzanne Hill

Weir Deer Island, Thaddeus Holownia

Warrior at the opera, Werner Arnold

Purple face with pets, Werner Arnold