Making Waves Artists 2017

We are very pleased to welcome these 23 artists to Making Waves: Art On The Island. These artists have been carefully selected to participate in this year's event based on their exceptional talent and experience. 


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Alan Syliboy

Alan Syliboy grew up believing that native art was generic.  “As a youth, I found painting difficult and painful, because I was unsure of my identity.”  But his confidence grew in 1972 when he studied privately with Shirley Bear.  He then attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where 25 years later, he was invited to sit on the Board of Governors.  Syliboy looked to the indigenous Mi’kmaq petroglyph tradition for inspiration and developed his own artistic vocabulary out of those forms.  His popularization of these symbolic icons has conferred on them a mainstream legitimacy that restores community pride in its Mi’kmaq heritage. 

Alan still lives and works in Millbrook, NS, where he was born and raised.  He creates his art in his studio in Truro, NS. 


Ann Manuel

An award winning artist, visual arts educator and arts advocate, Ann Manuel has worked for over 30 years in communities across North America, UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. Manuel has taught Visual Arts at all levels from high school to college and has served on the Boards of various arts organizations as well as with numerous committees in public galleries and artist run centers.

Manuel’s multi media practice revolves around the themes of physical geography, relationships, identity and spirituality. Her printmaking practice has led to working in a variety of printmaking studios including The Edinburgh Print Makers Society, Scotland, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok where she was an award winner in the Bangkok Printmaking Show, Malaspina Printmaking Studio in Vancouver, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Sunbury Shores Print Studio in St Andrews, N.B. Manuel has shown in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Scotland, France, Italy, Brazil, Cuba, and Thailand and is represented in private and public collections around the world. Her work was recently included in the International Contemporary Art Show in Assisi, Italy. 

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Bonny Hill

Bonny Hill is a contemporary artist who was selected for the 2017 emerging artists’ series, Studio Watch at the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery for her series, “I Don’t Know Anything About Art. I Just Want Something Nice to Hang Over My Sofa to Match My Living Room”. This series of paintings and installations was first shown in solo shows at Sunbury Shores (2015) and Saint John Arts Centre (2016) and included in Studio Watch  at the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery (2017) and Galerie Restigouche (2017). The show will travel to the AX Gallery at the Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex in August, 2017. 

Bonny has only been making serious work for about ten years and plans to retire from teaching in 2018 to dedicate her time to full time art making.


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Brigitte Clavette

Head of Jewellery/Metal Arts at NBCCD since 1985, Brigitte is a member of Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and has received the Excellence Award and The Strathbutler Award from the province of NB. Her work is in the Royal Ontario Museum, Victoria Albert, NB Museum, and the Guelph Art Gallery's contemporary silversmithing collection.

Her work at times challenges functionality. An object may need to be held and contemplated in order to find its function.  She is currently returning to the simple unadorned vessel form. These textured silver skins are meant to be held in the palm of the hand, eschewing the untouchable mirror finish of previous work.

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Cathy Ross

Cathy Ross was born in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. She studied at Mount Allison University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 1983 she was awarded a scholarship to study at the Banff School of Fine Arts. In both 1981 and 1983 Cathy was the recipient of Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation grants.

In her professional career she has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the US. Her work is represented in collections across Canada, including: Memorial University, NFLD; New Brunswick Museum, Saint John NB; The Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa; Banff Centre, Alberta; Dofasco Inc., Hamilton; and the Burnaby Art Centre, Burnaby BC.

Cathy lives and works in Waterloo, Ontario and Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.


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Chantal Khoury

Chantal Khoury (b 1986) is originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick, but has been based in Montreal since 2006. Ongoing themes in her work explore identities of women by reclaiming the female body as subject. In recent years her research in memory theory psychology and group dynamics have lead her work in a narrative direction, exploring relationship dynamics and playful settings as metaphors for memory. Khoury draws her imagery from memory, found photographs and family photos. These multiple sources allow for a complexity in subject which is both familiar and distorted. Khoury has exhibited across Eastern Canada and has worked as an art instructor at The Beaverbrook Art Gallery in New Brunswick. She has had solo shows in Quebec and New Brunswick and her work is found in both private and public collections, including the permanent collection of the University of New Brunswick. Khoury is represented by Gallery On Queen in Fredericton, NB.


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Deanna Musgrave

Deanna Musgrave is a Canadian artist who is best known for her monumental paintings such as the mural “Cloud” which is installed permanently at the Hans Klohn Commons, University of Saint John, New Brunswick which measures 10’ high and 56’ long.

Musgrave describes her paintings as “confluent organisms”, cloud-like forms weaving in and out of multiple references in art history including Romantic Landscape, Dutch Still Life, Graffiti, Visual Music, Abstract Expressionism or Op Art. Space and light are central focuses in Musgrave’s work as she often utilizes different techniques from each style to create a sense of vastness.  This generates landscapes that are alien to humanity; exploring realities and altered states beyond typical human perception. 


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Ed Coleman

Ed is a man who lives by colours. Bright ones. He is a visual artist residing in Saint John, New Brunswick, and his signature style using vivid colours and broad brushstrokes has become recognizable by many. Ed paints scenes of nature and water as well as cityscapes using lots of paint, mostly oil but some acrylic. He thrives on creating while outdoors, down the coast on a sailboat if possible. There is a freshness to his work, almost as if he was able to capture the breeze and sunlight he felt while painting. That elusive vitality is what draws people, so much so that he easily sells his work right on the wharf where it was painted.


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Elizabeth Demerson

A trained ceramic artist, Liz learned her craft at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She was juried into the New Brunswick Crafts Council in 2001 and has sold her work across the Maritimes and Ontario.  

Presently a full time ceramics instructor at NBCCD, her specialty is ceramic science where she is testing and developing new glazes.

She is currently doing research in the area of Natural Glaze Development. She has been harvesting materials in New Brunswick, such as seashells, sands, seaweeds and other plant materials as well as different rocks and processing them into a ceramic grade glaze product. The pieces presented here are all glazed with materials collected on Minister’s Island, NB.

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Gina Brooks

Gina Brooks is a Maliseet from St. Mary’s First Nation and resides in the traditional homeland of the Maliseet people. She considers herself an artist informed by Wabanaki traditional knowledge and her life is inspired by her people. “ I see art as an opportunity to learn about myself thought ancient stories, symbols, motifs and language” . Wabanaki belief systems are woven and etched within the portals and layers of our sacred mother —skitkǝmikw.

Her art includes brown ash basketry, porcupine quill and birch bark basketry, carving, painting and print making. Her original prints include acrylic and ink, and lithographs, monotypes, and copper etched plating. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Native Studies at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB and deeply connected to the language/art renewal happening in her community.

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Helen Stanley

Helen was born in Calgary Alberta in 1955, and grew up in Burlington Ontario, where she began with clay in art class at Aldershot High School.  After completing two years in Ceramics at Sheridan College in Mississauga, Helen married glassblower Patrick Stanley and moved to New Brunswick where she took a third year independent study under Peter Wolcott at the Craft School on the Woodstock Rd. and received my diploma in Ceramics.  

Including the six years they lived in PEI, Helen has spent over forty years now making pots and building sculptures. Being fairly solitary, the woods and ocean have a huge influence on her work and their colours are reflected in her slips and glazes. 

Helen has been selling pottery at many shops, shows and galleries in NB since opening her studio in 1993 in Seeleys Cove. 

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Helga Lobb

Born in Czechoslovakia, lived in Germany since 1945 and later worked as industrial designer in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1967 immigrated to Fredericton, NB, joining a local design firm. Since 1970 lived in Hampton, NB. Started painting fulltime in 1989, participating in painting seminars in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and attended workshops in Montpellier, France and Sienna, Italy. Member of the New Brunswick Crafts Council in 2016

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Jorgen Klausen

Jorgen Klausen is an artist to the core, having owned and operated a framing studio and art gallery for over 30 years, as well as pursued his own art in photography and sculpture. He has a real eye for balance and beauty.


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Leslie Bowman

Leslie Bowman maintains a studio in Washington County, Maine where she currently devotes her time to painting. She is also a freelance photographer and journalist and an adjunct professor of Art at the University of Maine in Machias.

Leslie chooses to live in coastal Washington County to be close to nature and learn from her ways. By painting from observation, she witnesses in real time the turn of light and changing qualities of the world we live in. Fish have always been an inspiration to Leslie, since fishing with my father at an early age. 


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Lorna Mulligan

Lorna Mulligan’s artwork presents observations, memories and visual responses to walking in the coastal landscape, a subject that continally inspires the artist. This work alludes to maritime imagery with lyrical abstractionand gestural brushwork. The shoreline is a location that embodies a sense of being at the edge, of crossing over —Possible Shorelines plays with this notion of multiple viewpoints with its incorporation of painted edges.  

Lorna Mulligan is an artist, teacher and calligrapher, living in Montreal. She studied at UBC and the Banff Centre. She teaches at the Visual Arts Centre and Dawson College in Continuing Education. Her mixed media artworks have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and she is represented in numerous public and private collections.


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Mary Collier Fleet

Mary Collier Fleet lives in an old church on a hill by a river in Renforth, NB. Deer look in her back window. Cars and trains rattle past the front. She often cuts up paper and makes patterns. Sometimes she glue these shapes down. Other days she chases words out of her head and arranges them into lines. One day slides into another. The weather adjusts. The house stays on the hill. The cat dreams of sabotage. The skunk hides under the steps, waiting to be startled.

Michael Khoury

Michael Khoury (b. 1949) is a visual artist and photographer. He was born in Lebanon but immigrated to Canada at the age of nine.  After receiving a BA from The University of New Brunswick, he entered the fashion industry, successfully running three retail fashion stores for over 20 years. In 1983 Khoury began attending the workshops of renowned photographer Freeman Patterson and continued this for four years. Photography eventually lead him back to his love for painting which he explored at a young age.   He went on to study with the late Canadian artist Molly Lamb Bobak where he received private lessons, encouragement and guidance. Here he developed his personal style in painting while continuing his photography practice.  

Khoury has painted abroad in Paris during an eight month period and occasionally travels to his studio in Lebanon. He has exhibited throughout Canada and internationally including Kastel Gallery (Montreal); Hollander York Gallery (Toronto); Aitken Bicentennial Exhibition Centre; (Saint John, NB); The Beaverbrook Art Gallery  (Fredericton). His work has been collected both publicly and privately including the government of Togo, Africa, The Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital and The University of New Brunswick. Khoury lives and works on his practice in Fredericton, New Brunswick where he also runs Gallery On Queen along with his partner Nadia Khoury. 


Monique Bujold Brown


Nafsika Krasanaki

Nafsika Krasanaki born in Greece,  studied Mathematics,  works with flowers and trees at Canada Green in St George.  

Her sculptures are inspired by figurative forms and by geometric topology concepts that often emphasize movement.

Her preferred medium is New Brunswick Granite and Nova Scotia Alabaster.  She sculpts without preconceived Marquette on natural non quarried stone. Her creative process continuously interacts with the idiosyncrasies of the stone to bring out the life that the stone seem to encapsulate. 

37. Salmon Hatchery.jpg

Susan Lapides

The photographs of Susan Lapides focus on people, culture, and place. The rugged landscape of the Bay of Fundy has inspired her three current bodies of work. They are St. George, Crustaceans, and Dzturqdz, a Meditation.

A fine art photographer with a strong background in editorial photography, Lapides has exhibited her work widely throughout New England, including solo exhibitions at Fidelity Investments (Boston), the Griffin Photography Museum (Boston), and Sunbury Shores Art Centre and the Saint John Art Centre both in New Brunswick, Canada. Her fine art work is held in corporations and private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and France. Her editorial images have appeared in Life, Smithsonian, and many other national periodicals. Lapides graduated from Tufts University and the Museum of Fine Arts School. She resides in Boston and visits New Brunswick, Canada as often as she can.


Suzanne Hill

Suzanne Hill lives in Rothesay, N.B. and is active as a professional artist and art education consultant.  A graduate of Mount Allison and McGill Universities, she exhibits in the Atlantic Region.  Her works are included in many private and public collections, including the New Brunswick Art Bank, the Canada Council Art Bank, UNB, NB Museum, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the University of Maine, and the Governor General of Canada. She is also represented in the collections of the Canadian War Museum and the Department of External Affairs.

She has served as a juror for the Strathbutler Award, the N.B. Art Bank, Creation and Excellence Grants. She has served on the NB Arts Board executive, on the Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Museum, and now with the SHMF.  In 2003 she worked with 2 others to create the NB Visual Art Education Association, which is currently producing a series of short films on NB visual artists. 

She received an “A” grant from artsnb to fund a major series, "Singular", exhibited 2016-17 at the New Brunswick Museum.  This show inspired poetry from Governor-General's Award winner Anne Compton, and the creation of a new ballet from the Atlantic Ballet Company - Convergence.

Thaddeus Holownia

Thaddeus Holownia explores the intersections of nature and humanity. Specifically, he deals with how humanity changes landscape, how the forces of nature mould human structures, and how the two coexist. His work calls attention to various ecological and political issues that are of growing concern. Holownia's practice uses altered landscapes to convey the precarious relationship between man and nature. To expose these landscapes he returns to a place over years, even decades, and creates a photographic catalogue of the transformation.

As a young artist, Holownia was part of Toronto’s hip and burgeoning art scene. He left Toronto in 1977 for a two-year teaching job at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Professor Holownia became Head of the Photography Department and is now Head of the Fine Arts Department. Enchanted by his surroundings, Holownia remained there and has never returned to living in an urban environment. His move to the Maritimes served to heighten his awareness of deeper moral and spiritual issues that are now the foundations of his ecologically conscious work.


Werner Arnold

An accomplished wood sculptor, Werner Arnold is widely recognized for his unique, highly original style of modernist sculpture featuring colourful, intricate images, and for his technical virtuosity.Over the years, he has explored various themes such as the world of the circus, masks and carnivals; the animal kingdom, with insects, birds, horses, fishes and other aquatic themes; mythology, with dragons and mermaids; medieval imagery; and subjects from his creative imagination, to name but a few. He strives, both visually and aesthetically, to show a sense of style, balance and humour in all his work. Werner Arnold’s artistic career has spanned over 50 years. 

Born in the Zurich area of Switzerland, Werner Arnold has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Switzerland. His work can be found in private collections, public spaces and professional offices.  He lived in Québec and Ontario before making New Brunswick his home. He currently lives in beautiful St. Andrews by the sea.